Orlando, FL
April 3rd, 2018

The sWheat Scoop team recently attended Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL and let me tell you, when they say “the pet industry’s largest trade show”, they aren’t kidding. In addition to crushing our daily step goals, we got to show attendees what sWheat Scoop is all about in our booth – making sure people got to touch, scoop and even smell.

Outside of our booth, we got a chance to see the industry’s latest products we never even knew we needed – everything from food and treats to high tech gadgets to clothing. It was so fun to connect with everyone else in this industry who are as passionate about their products and pets as we are. And if we’re being totally honest, any place that lets us see all these amazing products and companies AND has pets available for adoption that we got to play with is pretty much the best place we’ve ever been.

-Jenniffer Koski, Event and Trade Show Marketer

Global Pet Expo